The Beauty


What is your most beautiful memory? Hm…I can’t really decide about one single event, but it’s something amazing to talk about. I will share with you my most beautiful memories.

First one that poops in my head is one of my fav and also beautiful memories. Do you know song And Angel by Kelly family? My friends and me once sang this song in school. I think that it was for celebration on the last day in school before Christmas holidays. Ananya and me sang the first, than Samanta and Tris did and than all together. However, in this song is one part that is pretty high and we decided that I will sing that part alone, because I have really high voice. At first I didn’t agreed, but than I changed my mind. When we actually sang it it was amazing. I don’t know, but it was somehow so magical. I remember my fingers on my guitar, I remember my voice, how it did rose, and I remember silence that came after it. And in this moment I really did know what I want, what I have to do and I was so confident. I was proud because I was seen because I have actually done something good.

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Than here is that moment when I was learning how to skate on ice. To tell you the point of whole beauty, it was very very funny. I was so awkward, but I wasn’t really feeling shame about it, for once. This was so…filled with joy. My friends and me were laughing, in fact everyone seemed to be happy. I remember how great day with Summer and Nick was that(we were still together back then). The only bad thing was that one other boy was throwing snow at me(what wasn’t the best part of it) what made me even more awkward. We somehow made amazing time even more amazing with hot chocolate, yummmm.

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This memory will throw us a little bit more back in time. When i was 4 or 5 years old I meet Ananya. At first she was so shy and scare, because she was in new kindergarten. I mean, whole new city, whole new place, whole new kids around… Scary for a five year old. She was scared and I was lonely what connected us. However, I remember that beautiful thing from the first day we meet. Ananya was always great at drawing, so she teached me how to draw a heart. It was hard and my work looked more like sausages than ‘heart’, but it’s the first thing that we did together…

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The last moment is really precious to me. You know that I was in Bangkok right? Well we need to change planes in Istanbul. I was really really tired because we were traveling for the whole day already and plane was divorced. When we finally got on the plane I just fell on my sit next to the window. But i didn’t let myself to sleep yet. And I am so so glad that I didn’t. Plane went up to the sky. It was in the evening and it just got dark. When we were in the air, I looked trough the window. And even if I was really really sleepy, I just cannot forget on it. When I looked down I saw whole Istanbul. I bearly saw little little cars moving on the roads, I saw bridges, I saw so many things at once. And it was filled with so much lights at night. Like the whole city would turn on all the lights at once and there were so many, so different, one big, some small, some white, some read, some gold… And they looked like stars, fallen on Earth. And more and more high we got, more fading the lights were. The next thing I remember was the moment when plane landed in Venecia and I was suddenly awake.

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Those are the most beautiful memories I remember, what about yours? tell me… 🙂




2 thoughts on “The Beauty

  1. Well, I don’t have one specific memory that is my favorite, It’s more like a set of memories about the same thing. My favorite memories are of my dad, more specifically when he was happy when I surprised him.


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