My fav songs to sing :)

Hello folks 🙂

I’m here today with a shorter post. I was in cinema with my mum and the movie we watched was wooooow, just soooo good. It’s kinda late here, plus I have judo competition tomorrow. Wish me luck 🙂 Anyway, you probably know that I love to sing, right? So today I wanna share with you my fav songs to sing :), So let’s begin…


In Case by Demi Lovato

I have to say that I really like Demi’s voice, I mean it’s just sooooo amazing. I also find some of her songs really good and this one really is. It’s just so beautiful and so sad… Isn’t it? Song isn’t very hard what makes it even better. 🙂


Skinny Love by Birdy

Yesss, Birdy. She is so good and I love her songs, they are all so magical and meaningful. I found this song beautiful and also not so hard, if you don’t know it CHECK IT OUT.


Just Give Me A Reason by Pink

I don’t listen to Pink many times, but I did fell in love with this song ❤ I like it very much, it’s a positive song and also very nice.


An Angel by Kelly Family

And Angel is old, but really really beautiful song. I like it even more because I can play it on guitar too. Song is pretty easy, expect one part that is really high.


Warrior by Demi Lovato

Another Demi’s song. I have to say that when I first heard the lyrics… I was just… I don’t know. Socked about how can one song describe so much sadness and pain, but also such bravery. One really powerful song.


Not About Angels by Birdy

This song is from The Fault In Our Stars movie. I have to say that this song is just the most freaking sad and beautiful EVER. Lyrics, melody… Just amazing. I haven’t found this song easy at all. One parts are very high, but once you learn it, it’s just magical 🙂

This is kinda it, I hope that you enjoyed 😀 Do you like or can you sing any of this songs? Can you suggest me some others to learn? I’ll be glad to know! See ya in two days folks 🙂 ❤



14 thoughts on “My fav songs to sing :)

  1. I really like Demi Lovato as well, my favorite of her’s is Heart Attack although it gets a little high for my poor alto range ☹️ But Just Give Me A Reason by Pink is a really good song too! I sing along whenever I hear it!

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  2. first of all, love the photo up there. gotta love bring me the horizon. 😉 (it’s actually playing rn.)
    and second of all, i’ve never really heard most of those songs, but i’ll probably never listen to them because i’m too lazy or because i probably won’t like the genre oops.

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