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Me in limited freedom

Hello folks 🙂

At first, thank you for your kind comments under my yesterday’s post. They made me really happy.

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I didn’t go on my judo training today because I got an effing cold. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have a competition tomorrow and I am afraid that I won’t be able to go if this doesn’t get any better. I just hope that it will, because I really want to go.

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Today I got 5 on French test, I had exactly 90% haha. On my big sadness, our chem witch was really really mean today(again). She just attacked whole class with her anger. She was yelling something and looking at me like all the time. I was looking back all the time what probably made her even more angry, but I didn’t really care. I felt good knowing that I can resist to her terror in my poor class.

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Today we had this writing competition and I am not really sure what to think about it. I mean, I wrote it good. But as always, I didn’t really follow the rules. Because why should I?

On the list of rules for a good essay there is written in the end: We wish you creative writing. And I did follow this rule for sure. Questions I had to clean up in the essay were all hiding kinda obvious things I should say. Things I should write down to get the effing points. But I didn’t because I saw so much other things in it. Because what is not written with a heart is not written at all.

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And trough my essay I was trying to stick to the point plus follow my own free mind and opinions. And when I was writing what I really thought It felt like my mind and my pen was on fire and words that I made, pages I written were pieces of me, pieces of my mind that went out to live. And it was such a powerful feeling.

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Because I was writing exactly abut that. About how freedom we are in can be such a lie. That public say to us:’Yes be creative.’, but than it doesn’t listen to what we have to say. That people ask you something, but they only want you to agree with them, not to have your own opinion.

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I don’t care for the prize if I win this thing and points. Because the reason I went on this competition again is not to show my schoolmates that Tara can get a prize too, but to show that even in this limited freedom I can be myself.



2 thoughts on “Me in limited freedom

  1. We should protest against these stupid rules. 😂Jus to let you know, I wrote about how people want to change but in a century we didn’t change for a bit. The top of my essay was the sentence when I said that I don’t see a point in this copetition. I don’t really think my teacher will like it, though😂.

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