Deep thoughts


Hello folks.

Things come. Things go. This is mostly how life as human works, doesn’t it? At some points of our lives we are just hanging in the mid air, filled with everything that left us behind. And we just are and pain comes and beats us again and again and again.

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And terrible things happen. And tears can run deep from our broken hearts, but nobody will know. So we hold our fists and stop the tears from falling. And there is such a will in our eyes. A will not to show. A will not to feel. But we only fool ourselves, we only suffer one more time.

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Such a sorrow. Such mistakes. Mistakes nobody is to blame for. Things we regret, things we never forget. We stay, even when we say we are far apart, far away. Because we turn away and we make new steps. Oh yes, we go. Oh yes, we wish to forget. But we don’t.

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We all hide. We all hide something in our hearts in our souls. Something we left. Something that left us. Something we never found. Something we lost. Every one of us has a part that defines them. A part that changes them. Forever. even if others don’t really see it.

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There are stories we never tell. There are so many words we never share. And for everybody else they just fade into the past. But not for us. Because we woke up every morning, once again we try to find what we have lost. All in our ways.

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It’s just how tear strippes down our face and than we look up into the moon. It’s just the way we walk on the streets and we feel such a difference with every single step we take. And we feel relieved or yet even more sad.

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And it not only goes so for pain. It’s about beauty too. Our reason. Reasons we believe, even if everything seems to be empty. And our hands, so cold. And our hearts so warm. Together or not.

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There’s a magic. There is s desire in such a small things we never saw before. Not in big changes. Just in the way we cry, in the way we laugh. They way we discover when we realize that we are not all alone. And… This world can be a living hell, isn’t it so? We’ve felt the flames of horror. But doesn’t from our ashes rise something far better? Don’t we hit the ground and stand up?

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Oh cry. Oh cry and be what you feel. Scream, scream in the dark and maybe you hear someone shouting back to you. And there is the beauty in this world. When you feel like going away, but you stay. Because it feels so good to touch someone else’s heart.



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