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To the lonely

Hello folks.

Have you ever been one of those isolated people? The ones that won’t let you trough them. The ones who won’t let you look into their eyes and see your soul trough them? Some people are naturally figures that light out power. The ones that would seem to be unhurt. Unbroken. The ones that will always gave you advice when you won’t know where to turn. And the ones who would just smile. To the stars.

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Because some of people are just like that. Many of people are like that. Those are the lonely people. Because even if they seem to have a lot of friends they feel like nobody understands them. Because they are locked inside themselves. It’s not their fault, of course it isn’t. It’s just how they react to craziness and sickness of this damn world.

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And the lonely people are locked up. The lonely ones will suffer alone. And it doesn’t feel good to be lonely.  It’s a pain to wake up in the morning knowing that no one gets it. And all you want is just to go back to your bed and sleep forever. It’s a pain when your friends are laughing so you are too, even if without knowing why. Isn’t it?

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And maybe it does feel good not to need anyone to save yourself. And maybe it feels good to be totally your won hero, all alone. But at some points of our lives we all discover that a hand to hold is something what we need the most. Sometimes the bet things to save yourself is to tell what you feel. There you go and you’ll find unexpected people understandable. There you go and you will find that damn light on the place you never know for.

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And… if you are alone, don’t give up. it’s such a cliche sentence isn’t it? But, you know, it’s truth. Don’t stop looking. Don’t stop believing. Run and scream and once on your path someone will shout back.




10 thoughts on “To the lonely

  1. This post gives me encouragement. Thank you. I’m frequently lonely at most times, recalling every scenes I’ve felt empty and alone, even though I have people whom I can call friends..

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