Tokyo Ghoul-anime review

Hello folks!

Sorry, because I haven’t posted in a while, but there is just sooo much work that I just didn’t have time. However, I am here now. πŸ™‚ Sooo, I decided to write some more about books I read and anime I watched… I guess it would be good to share my thoughts about it somewhere!

I would like to write about anime that I watched recently and totally obsessed me. Anime’s title is Tokyo Ghoul.

Story is set in Tokyo where people live in fear of mysterious creatures, ghouls that can only survive with eating human flesh. And when Kaneki goes on a date with a girl he likes, everything turns very wrong. After surviving a ghoul attack, Kaneki becomes half human and half ghoul. Where does he belong? Nowhere? In human and ghoul world? But this where story only starts it’s complex…

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This anime reflects every side of human(and un-human) mind and heart. It shows how much can our decisions effect everything after it. Another reason why this anime got me so bad is that it clearly show us that no matter how much we shout some things inside ourselves they come crashing out or eating us inside in the every end.

Image result for there is no heaven for ghouls is there on for humans

What I liked really much was that ‘good and bad’ side weren’t really defined. After all, ghouls killed humans to survive and humans killed ghouls to protect their selves. But there was more. After loosing someone they loved many of them, both humans and ghouls wanted to revenge. Sometimes monsters weren’t monsters at all. Sometimes they were. Sometimes humans were monsters. But yet again, sometimes they just wanted ones they loved safe.

Image result for there is no heaven for ghouls is there on for humans

Another thing I really liked were characters. They weren’t perfect heroes what I really like. They had both, bad and good side, complex back round and untold story that kinda made them more human like, more relateable.

Image result for tokyo ghoul characters

So, this anime obsessed me and it quickly become my favorite. I recommend it. It’s a bit violent and bloody, but story is sooo complex and good that it’s for sure worth watching. πŸ˜‰



17 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul-anime review

  1. I love this anime and its take on good vs bad as it shows the lines are blurred and none of the characters can be defined as one or the other, really hope the next season gets picked up soon, I’ve started catching up with the manga now πŸ™‚ xx


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