Deep thoughts

Prove them wrong

Hi folks 🙂

We humans are such a strange beings. We sometimes say that we care, but in true we don’t give a shit about it. We say we don’t care, not even a little, but inside ourselves we do. And you know, some will always seem like they are so strong and so cold but inside their selves they will be living with words they never told, the stories nobody read. Because you never know. You think you know someone, but in true you are just a stranger to them.  And many times we seem to stand out there cold trough and trough, even if we’re burning inside.

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Sometimes we are just so sensitive and so easily broken. Sometimes so little things make us go out of our minds. Because we care. Sometimes we care a way too much. Sometimes we forget that some things are just shitty and some people are just shitty too. Sometimes we forget how strong we are because we are looking for others to say it to us.

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Last year I was constantly scared of Chemistry lessons, because our teacher wouldn’t stop to yell at me how lazy I am. And to be honest, I was always so angry. But not only at her. More at myself. Because she always gave me feeling that I am not working hard enough, that I am not good enough. But dang, this was just so so stupid for me. And when I realized that I began not to care anymore. Because I know that I am trying my best and this is good enough. I know that I don’t need any old witch to judge me.

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All that I want to say to you is that sometimes you just start killing yourself with over caring. Because you shouldn’t care about what people say, you shouldn’t believe the words they say to you, ugly, creep, fat, nerd. You don’t need anyone’s false and mean opinion about yourself.

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If they call you fat, what do they know about how beautiful your mind is? If they call you stupid, what do they know how creative you are? If they say you’re so perfect, what do you now if you cried all night? If they call you lazy, what do they know how hard you try? They know nothing. They see just a false echo of your voice.

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So show it, show out what you can and that you don’t need to rely on anyone’s judgments. Don’t care. Look away and smile. Prove them wrong.



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