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I can hold on, I can resist

When I shake

I will compress my fists

And I won’t brake.


I can go on with a broken heart

Even when he crosses by

I’ll prove it with my steps, a fresh new start

And I will smile, so he could ask why…


I can rise up

With all my fire within

I’ll make the world blow up

Even if I feel cold under my skin.


And I will run and run

Thousands of miles before me

And I will know, but I’ll get over undone

And in madness, I can be free-



but yet it makes me empty

Yet it makes me numb and cold

My fingers running over the edge of my table

Counting down the days

When my hand leaves yours.




3 thoughts on “Numb

  1. The emotional rush when one truly understands that its better to see the other happy keeping in a lot of emotions that actually ticks time. A realization soon emerges what is past is what one wanted to grasp and treasure for a lifetime. And time slowly fades… filling in a lot of void, lot of emptiness.


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