Thank you

As I said, I stopped blogging, but I totally have to reblog a one amazing post of my dearest friend Eva.
I have no words, I have no possible explaination for this as a writing piece or a story itself.
DO read it. DO. Because after you do you will maybe be able to see somethings you didn’t see before. Read it, because it will maybe inspire you.
Believe. There is hope at the end of The road.

Eva with n

Hey, guys. Long time no see, right?

I am listening to Harry Styles. Wow. I never thought I will say that. You see, I am not really a girl for pop music. But ‘Sign of the times’ is freaking beautiful.

The reason I am listening to it is because I watched 13 reasons why. I’m sure you all heard for it. I mean if you didn’t then you live under a rock.

Anyways, there might be some spoilers ahead so click away if you didn’t wacth the show yet and you want to not find out any informations.

This is so they have time to click away.


I must say that that show got me hard.

Just a month ago I was considering suicide like a perfect escape from this shity life. In a way I still do. But I don’t. I must say, I didn’t feel as peacefull…

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