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A day will come

Hello folks!

It’s been a while… 🙂 At first let me tell that this post doesn’t mean that I am coming back with blog posts. Today I just got that kind of feeling in my fingers, a need to write and share my out-breaking emotions with 666 people of this world…hahaha. So. Since more than half K people still isn’t a small number, I want to give all of you that have ever read my posts…something. I want to share with you somethings I realized once again…

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Even tho I wasn’t writing, I was reading some of mine old posts and I was also thinking a lot(as normal). And you know what? I saw something I have never saw before… I’m a warrior. I am a fighter on my own. But I was so trapped with the past that woke me up in the middle of the night and I was overthinking my future a way, a way too much.

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Past weekend I was on judo competition in Hungary. And while we were on our long way back home, there was that beautiful sunset. And Leo who leaned his head on my shoulder and fell asleep… And then, I leaned my head on his and closed my eyes too. And slowly, fingers of our hands collided and with every kilometer, with every second that brought us closer to losing our grip, our hand got closer together. Till I realized that time was running out and I slowly kissed his forehead. Till we really came and we had to go in opposite directions…

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What am I trying to say is that… There is more out there. We can do more than just survive. Survive, day after another. We can reach higher and see the places up above our heads we never knew existed. One day, something will change. Slowly, you’ll start to run with the flow and the world will start to take colors.

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Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you dream or hope for, I want to share this twisted feel of mine with you. It’s probably what we call love. It’s like chocolate. It’s so sweet that once you bite it, you can’t stop. And it makes you feel…relieved. It makes you forget on all the bad, all the past and all that’s yet to come. It makes you feel like you want to freeze the moment you are living in and stay in it, forever. It makes stops you from falling asleep, because it’s so beautiful that you just don’t want to lose your touch with it.

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And… I don’t really know how to put my words about it anymore, but I want to tell all of you that maybe you feel alone and miserable. But I promise you that one day, you’ll find it, something or someone that will bring you joy. Something, that will make you look back, smile and say:

I’m glad I didn’t give up.




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