The never told ballad(poem)


It was warm

It was summer in its brightest

It was in the best shades you can think of


It was dark inside of me

It was cold, it was numb

For you


I hope I never see you

I hope my eyes never meet you

I hope that tomorrow we are gone


When you’re here I smile

Because I can’t

I can’t find a word to run


You are hurting

You’re in pain

And I guess I am not even trying to help


I’m insane

I’m blowing out

Yet you don’t do a thing


So how?

How can we go on?

How can we live with this?

We are not two touched souls

we are broken

we are beat

only for each other


My heart is running away

But I still want you to stay

My mind is going insane

But you know that right?

And you’re angry

You are sad

You’re  complicated rejection

But I don’t move a finger


You are to blame

But not for all of it

I’m to blame too

A lot

So here I am

Blaming myself

And I’m wondering

Are you too?


I want to leave

But never found the courage

She’s the right one, you know?

He is mine, you know?

And when I go

I still have them

But you’re alone, aren’t you?

So that’s a why I can’t let you go

Let you hang

Because just as much as I hate you

I also love you


I’m just a closed book

The one you’ll never really need

So I’ll just grab this chance

Take care of you

And then


As the snow falls

let you go

I will fade away


There will be less of me

More of you

And all the new


I know you want me to stay

So I’ll follow your steps

As for last eleven years

we will walk trough the forest you hate

with my steps behind you, getting quieter

You will listen to the birds

You will hear the wind flow

Oh, and the dirt

You will feel it between your toes

And you won’t even notice

When I’ll pick another path

I will became the tree you left behind

Slowly, you will start o adore the forest you hated


I will broke promises you will never miss

I will live

And you’ll survive

And as I smiled


And you asked me with teary eyes

“So can we change it?”

And I said

“Forgive me.”

I hope you know what my words meant

It’s a never said no

And my love in all the hate


You are my ballad

I’m your tragedy

I know you hate when people don’t look back when they say goodbye

But I won’t look back

Not because my goodbye will not be meant

But because if I’ll look back I will not be able to take a step






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