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Never let me go-poem


And just in one slight moment

Everything got dark

In my veins there was a thing like slowment

and in the dark, there was a mark


And from the coldness

Ice my name nearly spelled

fire won above the numbness

and the world around me melted


Just one word, just one of the looks

My worlds collided

It was far enough to leave me breathless

as the all the dust turned into pieces


And no

Not my heart

And not my soul

They were not the ones broken

It was my shallow mind, you know

Torn into pieces


I’m not craveless

I crave blood

And I crave darkness

And I knew it when my pieces landed to the ground

with and empty thud


Save me

Save me from myself

I’m dangerous

But I beg you to stay


But above the blood an the darkness

You are the mightest thing I crave for

You can can repair my broken pieces

So hold me

Never let me go






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