You have scars

For me it’s no secret-

I saw them

even before you told me about them.


You’re like an addict

You said that day

Full of laugh

With skull full of lies


And I remember it

When she asked you: “Why are your eyes so red?”

And you only replied: “Oh really, they are?”

I knew what you didn’t want to talk about it.


And that day when you disappeared

I was looking for you, nearly madly

And I did not care what people said

But luckily I found you just in time, empty staring


And when we were looking at each other in the dark

With our eyes wide open and our noses touching

And when I yelled, turned away and cried

And when you nearly took that knife-


It’s a story

A complicated one

Full of secrets.

That’s why I said back then: “It’s beautiful, but also so sad.”

“But mostly it’s beautiful.”, I added.

Because it’s only ours.








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