That’s why-poem


“Why would a girl like you love a boy like me?”


That’s what you asked me

So long ago

And now I will reply

So you will know for sure


You were not like many others

You know not everything is forever

Like bullet pain can wreck the dreams

And that’s why I feel so much safer


You’re a joker

But you are broken

Just like me

You are my twin


All your pain is mine

And all my madness is yours

And that’s why it will be just fine

When I’m holding this hands of yours


We can talk the deepest secrets

Have the mightest laugh

But for the sake of broken pieces

Our silence wasn’t tough


Sometimes I do have enough

When you’re an idiot and I am too selfish

But alone, world’s so rough

Because i can feel our hearts melting


I don’t want to depend

You don’t want to care

But we had no choice in the end

And now you’re everything I have


No, we aren’t perfect

But we are just enough

To fill the broken pieces

Without collecting then from the ground


And that’s why.

That’s why a girl like me loves a boy like you.


Okayy here is another poem about love and I hope you don’t mind it. I am scared that I am boring because I ončy write piems about live, but in the same time I knew that what isn’t written with heart is better to not be written at all.
































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