Best K-pop lyrics


More than once I saw people on internet saying that K-pop lyrics are trash. I made this list to prove that wrong and just because I hold those lyrics I will list bellow dear and I respect talented artists behind them.

I hope that you’ll enjoy!


BTS – Just one day

‘I appreciate the masterpiece that is you, your existence alone is art.’


EXO – History

‘The more you warm this planet, sorrow in the left hand, happiness in the right hand we share the same reason.’



‘I’m a loser, loner, a coward who pretends to be tough.’


BTS – Run

‘Run, run, run again. This is all I can do anyway, all I know is how to love you.’

‘Don’t tell me bye, bye. You make me cry, cry. Love is a lie, lie.’


EXO – Miracles in December

‘If I just think of you, I can fill this world with you, because each snowdrop is a tear that belongs to you. But there’s just one thing that I can’t do and that’s to make you return to me, I hope I don’t have that miserable power.’


IU – Palette

‘I prefer dark purple over hot pink.’

‘I like colorful palettes over paintings.’


AGUST D (feat Suran) – So far away

‘Right, I’m living because I can’t die,
But I don’t have anything I want to do.
I’m in so much pain and loneliness but people around me
Keep telling me to regain my consciousness.
I try to vent my anger but I only got myself,
So what’s the point of venting my anger?
I’m scared to open my eyes everyday and start breathing.’

‘I hope everything disappears when I’m alone
I hope things disappear like mirage
I hope things disappear
I hope my damn self disappears’

‘Dream, you will fully bloom
After all the hardships
Dream, your beginnings will seem humble
So prosperous will your future be’


WOOZI (from Seventeen) – Simple

‘Happiness is just a word, the one dream that everyone wants. I don’t even want to believe in nonsense everyone talked about, I just want it simple.’


BTS – Blood, sweat and tears

‘But your wings are the wings of the devil.’


Agust D – The last

‘The doctor asks me if I’ve ever ————. I answered without any hesitation that I have.’

‘If my misfortune is your happiness,
I’ll happily stay unfortunate.
If I’m the figure of hate,
I’ll get on the guillotine.’


SEVENTEEN – Smile flower

‘The sky is high and the wind is cold
As the sea is wide and blue
In my eyes you just take it for granted
I will look at it.’

‘Whenever and wherever
As always, we can not be together
I smile
I’ll spring into your smile.’


JONGHYUN (feat. Taeyeon) – Lonely

‘We’re together, but we don’t walk together.
Loneliness and torture, the only difference is one memory.’


BTS – Tomorrow

‘I wanted to become happy and strong but why am I getting weaker?
Where am I going? I’m going here and there but I always come back here
Yeah, I’ll probably flow somewhere, is there an end to this maze?’

BTS – Nevermind
‘I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck, like I always said hundreds of times every day. “Nevermind me”, I can have a taste of failure and frustration and bow my head.’
BONUS! Since many lyrics on this list were sad, I’m gonna add some funny ones that can be found in several BTS songs. 🙂
Image result for bts lyrics
In case you don’t know, those ARE the actual lyrics, lol.


Those are just some of many many amazing lyrics from K-pop songs, but If I would add more this list would be a way too long.

Which lyrics do you like the most? Tell me, I’d love to brag about it ^.^



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