Current K-pop playlist- January


So today I want to share with you another K-pop post. Also today this blog is officially two years old whoa! It seems like a really short time, somehow, but looking back I have to admit that both my writing and my English(it’s not my first language, in case you didn’t notice) improved quite a bit. 🙂

So, let’s begin!


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I really like this song, probably because of it’s relaxing tune. I’m not sure how but the backround music gives a vintage vibe to it. I also love the fact that it’s preformed by the leaders of Seventeen’s sub units, it was an amazing idea to combine Hoshi’s moves, S.Cups’s rap and Woozi’s vocals. ALSO Seventeen’s comeback is getting near(the 5th of February!!!) and I must say that I’m realllly excited. 🙂


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If you’ve been keeping up with latest K-op acts, you probably heard of Stray Kids. They are debuting this year, but they already released pre-debut album(woahh) and I’m really looking forward it. I like their dark concept and from ‘Hellevator’ it’s visible that they’ve got some great rap and dancing skills.


Image result for day6 i need somebody

To put it short, I hold this song really dear. It’s my favourite DAY6 song and it’s really different from their usual ones. I like everything about it: The instrumental music(it’s DAY6, duh), the vocals and especially the powerful chorus. Also, THE LYRICS.


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No words can describe how much I respect and love Suga’s mixtape Agust D. Really. The lyrics of the whole mixtape are so bold and direct yet so emotional, something Suga is a master of. ‘So far away’  and ‘The Last’ are my favourite songs ever anyways, but I put ‘Agust D’ here because I’ve been listening it quite a lot last times. The rap in this song is totally sick, I mean did you hear that fast verses?


Image result for poet artist

To be totally honest, the song didn’t quite get to me when I first heard it. However, when I listened to it again I fell in love it. I like the unique beat in it and I probably don’t need to mention how amazing Jonghyun’s vocals are. The whole album ‘Poet/Artist’ is great and I appreciate the fact that it’s been released even following Jonghyun’s passing. He really did well, may rest in peace.


Image result for g dragon crooked

Ahhhhh, I love GD. I love the way he is himself and really not caring what people will say. He truly is a master of lit songs with deep and sad lyrics like ‘Crooked’. Amazing fashion, his rap skills, his vocals… What more do you even need?


Image result for red velvet peek a boo

I’m not really a fan of Red Velvet but I do love this song. The MV is really weird yet so cool , truly a combination that I love. Also, I like the vocals and the beat. The songs is really catchy, so when you start listening to it, you can’t ‘escape’ it anymore..


Image result for exo universe

I really love EXO’s sadder and more calm songs so I was really excited when ‘Universe’ dropped out in late December. I liked the whole album, but ‘Been Trough’ is my favourite without a doubt. The beat is really unique and the vocals are soo powerful…plus the lyrics.!


Image result for bts wings

Finally BTS 🙂 . Since they are my favourite band I listened ALL their songs over and over for many times hahah. Currently I’m listening to ‘Wings’ the most frequently. The song is really… inspiring. It kind of makes you want to do something and in the same time feel proud on Bangtan for making it so far :’) .



So that’s all! Which (K-pop) songs were you listening recently? Which of those above do you like? Tell me, I’d love to chat with someone. 😉


3 thoughts on “Current K-pop playlist- January

  1. I am going to give G-Dragon a shot. I haven’t had a chance yet but you just changed my mind with Crooked. Damn – that’s a good song. And well, Min Yoongi is probably my favorite rapper in the whole flippin’ world!!! I have never heard such passion from one man! Argh! He’s brilliant. Seriously if I ever meet him in real life, I have to bow down to him. Like… on the floor, bowing.

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  2. Yep I totally get what do you mean about Yoongi, he really is a genius. And yes, you should totally check out G-Dragon’s music! I really love how he isn’t caught up in the same concept all the time- he can go from upbeat songs to piano ballads… Listen to ‘Untitled’ , ‘That XX’, ‘Crayon’ and ‘Window’… also many others of course 🙂


  3. So Far Away by August D hit hard and deep that it has been one of my fave (I like both versions – whether the one with Suran or the one with JK/Jin). And of course BTS songs too! And hellevator is on repeat ever since I first heard / watched it on JYP’s Stray Kids!


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