Peaces from my life...

Friends(and enemies)

It could happen that you will fond yourself lost in my posts, because many times I mention people who are my friends or my enemies… So, if you got lost you are on a right place! Here are all of them.

Ananya is my best friend since the last year of kindergarten. We were both kind of lonely outsiders and that’s probably why we grew together. We are classmates now. I respect her for surviving with me even when I am in my ‘the worst fangirl mood'(no matter if is it about Harry Potter, Percy Jackson or Tokyo ghoul…). Even if I am annoying with it, she at last tries to show interest in all my crazy obsessions, hahah.

Loti is my younger sis. She’s preteen and this is for sure a very difficult age, so… We fight many times, but we are also a very good friends 🙂 . Ohh, and she is very creative. Her room is… It looks like a explosion. It’s a mix of jungle, color papers, wool and saws… Yes you read it right, saws… I said she is very creative.

Summer is trainning judo whit me. She is very smart and wise, but like Ananya very funny to! Because of her i am here on this blog… She helped me when I was really down. Also she is very good friend, because she is always standing by my side and she support me. Also, we can be crazy together(we sometimes imitate unicorns and nobody gets it 😀 ).

Leo is my sempaii(anime fans would know what that means) 🙂 . We meet this summer on judo camp in the middle of a card game when he started to talk about anime and I was like:’YOU WATCH ANIME OMG ME TOO.’ One guy from judo once described us as crazy and alike. However, he is a very good a drawing and producing things(he once made a wooden lock that works)… Also, he seems to know what I think(when we are playing card games he guesses what I have, like nearly every time…

Tina is my very close friend from my class. She is very talented and smart, she has only A’s and she won a lot of competitions in many different areas. People may see her only as smart geek, but she can be sooooo crazy once you get to know her. We both share obsessions over the same books too.

Johann. Oh, this guy… My childhood friend. We were best friends and we were doing everything together. We were climbing on trees, building igloo, we had ‘fights in snow’.. But over the years everything changed. I think we just grew apart from best friends to strangers.

Tris is my classmate and also very good friend. I named her Tris because she loves Divergent. it’s funny when she is fighting whit Ananya, if are better hunger games or Divergent or witch guy from Hunger games is hotter-_-. She loves word conveniently.

Samanta is my schoolmate to. She and Tina are best friends. She loves dancing. She dances jazz and step and ballet and omg, she is amazing! Her sport is totally different than mine, but when you look ate her, dancing… You feel like she can fly.

 Jessica trains judo whit me, like Summer. She is kind, lovely and very smart. She is a little shy, but she can be funny to, when you get to know her.  I knew her even before Summer and Amber we train together since 9 years by now, i think… Jess is very connected whit her father, he trained judo too.

Amber is another girl who trains judo whit me. She is very honest and and she always seems to know what you think. When she sees me she says: Oh, today you are in bad mood, why? Or: You look so happy! What happened??’ Actually, she knows how you feel even before  you do. And when something goes wrong…she’ll make it go right!

Chem witch is my evil, mean and probably psyho chemistry teacher. She hates me, what’s not the best…

Nick is my ex boyfriend.



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