Peaces from my life...

Friends(and enemies)

It could happen that you will find yourself lost in my posts, because many times I mention people who are my friends or my enemies… So, if you got lost you are on a right place! Here’s all of the important ones.

Summer is the reason why this blog exist. We are best friends inside of our hearts and we will travel the world someday. She is here in every poem, in every post I write… It’s all here because of her help. ❤

Leo is the one and only love of my life. You can also find his fingerprints in my posts and mot poems. Crazy. Funny. A bit devilish sometimes. An artist. That’s all he is. And more.

Loti is my younger sister. She’s pretty smart for her age and she’s a creative girl. She enjoys sewing and making pillows… She can be annoying, but hell, that’s sister’s job right? 😀

Tina is my ex classmate. My dear fellow fangirl friend. We have a lot of alike sense in music, movies, anime and books which leads us to deep and crazy converstaions and mostly borrowing books from each other(which we happen to barely return).

Johann is my ex class mate and sadly also ex best friend. We were very close when we were young, but we flew apart with time.

 Jessica trains judo with me since we were about 4 or something. The fact is we really know each other and we are great friends, even tho we are actually very different. Together we just passed the brown belt exam…with going on black. 🙂

Amber is another girl who trains judo whit me. She is  very open and she always speaks her mind. Is also really supportive and understanding friend.

Chem witch is my EX chemistry teacher(thank god that it’s EX now -_-). No other comment…

Nick is my ex boyfriend. Wanted to be friend with him, but he wanted to be my enemy. Fine by me.



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